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Seamlessly work from the office or home

The pandemic has forced more and more of us to work remotely over the past few years. Whilst businesses focus on setting up staff to work remotely, often we’re seeing the phone system completely forgotten.

With our VoIP packages, you’ll be able to work seamlessly from any location, any time, without distruptions.

Protect your personal number!

We’ve helped over 88,000 UK businesses transform their phone systems. 

Whichever plan you choose you’ll get more than 20 professional call management features to help you run your business.

Here are just a few of our key features: 


Redirect Your Calls

You and your staff can have the flexibility to work from anywhere with the benefit of call redirection. Have your calls redirected to up to five different UK numbers per department, making it possible to divert up to 45 different destinations or call groups including your home or personal mobile number.

Voicemail Transcription

Have your voicemails automatically transcribed into a readable and searchable chat-style format. Keep records of your voicemails in a text format that allows you to search for specific information, copy, paste and share transcriptions.

Queue Inbound Calls

Having limited lines into your office can make it difficult to manage calls at peak times.

Using a queuing tool will organise your customers, entertained them with great music and put them through as soon as a line becomes free.

Outbound Dialer

Use the outbound dialer feature to easily and conveniently share out your customer number lists with your staff so they can make quick contact

Missed Call Alerts

If your customer’s call can’t be answered, our system will record the caller’s phone number and email it to you. This enables you to call back your customer whenever you or your staff are free and have time to give a perfect service.


Easily set up your own call groups to route your customers through to the right people.

It’s perfect for directing calls for efficient service especially if you have separate offices or remote staff. 

Set your open and close times

We provide you with few quick selection options. By default your SwitchboardFREE number open and close time is set to be “Open 24/7 (All week)”.

Call Recording

Capturing your calls is essential for staff training, compliance, and conflict resolution. This feature allows you to record all your calls and log numbers for easy recall.