Low Cost Business Call

Route your business calls

As a business partner with some of the UK’s largest carriers we are able to route business calls through tier 1 carriers at a very competitive price. If your line rental at your business or home is with BT we will supply either a small smart box or reprogram the network so that you can have savings on your outgoing calls.

There is no need to dial a four digit access code as this is done automatically and your phone numbers stay the same. There will be no interruption of the service when the change takes place, you simply receive cheaper calls immediately.

Here are a few of the costs:

UK National calls from 1.9p per minute, USA from 2.55p per minute, European Destnations 5.5p, Hong Kong 6.7p.

Prices vary depending of which carrier is used. Further reductions are available for high spending customers. We will provide a full consultancy service and look in details at your call patterns and then recommend the best tariff and carrier to suite you. Global Telecom Ltd are totally independent and we ensure you get the best tariff and service for your requirements.

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