0300 Numbers

03 Numbers

03 numbers are a new ‘uk-wide’ number range on the market with calls to this number charged at the same rate as geographic (landlines starting with 01 or 02) calls. The numbers offer a wide range of benefits compared to landlines such as controllability, call statistics, advanced call plans and disaster recovery solutions which have now become a business necessity.

If you are a public body and you want to restore customer confidence in the cost of the call or if you are looking for a memorable number so the public can call you with ease, these numbers are for you!

Did you ever want an 0800 number like your competitors but you were unable to cover the cost of your customers calls? You will not have this issue with the brand new 0300 range. This will prove extremely popular with charities as they will no longer have to cover the cost of the calls being made to them and the charity funds can be used elsewhere. The numbers are ideal if you want a national presence for your local business.

How do I get one of these great numbers you are asking?

OFCOM, the telecommunications regulator has outlined who is eligible for these numbers. The numbers are available from early 2007 so new businesses or businesses setting up an additional number, should be aware of this new option.

  • 0300 numbers are only for the public sector which include organisations with a .gov.uk or .nhs.uk website and non profit organisations such as registered charities
  • 0303 numbers are available for everyone
  • 0345 numbers are available to people who currently have 0845 numbers
  • 0344 numbers are available to people who currently have 0844 numbers
  • 0370 numbers are available to people who currently have 0870 numbers
  • 0371 numbers are available to people who currently have 0871 numbers

Global Telecom are the leading experts on the advantages of having an 03 number. When an 0300 number is dialled the caller will be charged at the same rate as geographic calls. The 0300 number range is the latest number service to be launched in the telecommunications market and provide users with a selection of enhanced services including controllability and disaster recovery solutions.

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