Network Recording

A network-based call recording solution from Global Telecom.

Our Network Call Recording is simple to set up, quick to learn, flexible and of course hassle free.

Any company can benefit from Network Call Recording, whether for compliance purposes, quality monitoring, or a simple desire to keep records of calls between them and their customers. Similarly, any organisation with a current call recording solution seeking to free themselves of the complications and issues of tape management and expensive maintenance contracts, can benefit from a Network Call Recording package.

Our Network Call Recording has so many great benefits for you company:


  • Simple to set up, quick to learn, flexible and hassle free
  • A fully featured solution to all your call recording needs
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment
  • Agent specific log-ins with indexed recordings
  • Screen recording option available
  • FSA compliant
  • Pay-as-you-go. An easy way to stay in control
  • Configurable quality managment modules
  • And more…

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