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If you don’t have a Business Continuity Strategy or a disaster recovery service in case of an emergency, when disaster strikes your business, no-one will be able to contact your office. Without Emergency Planning, your company could suffer losses that are so easy to avoid.

Although it may seem excessive to plan for the possibility of a natural or man made disaster disrupting your organisation, just think how your business would be affected if something were to happen today. In the event of a crisis where the telecommunications have been disrupted, it is vital that the links are restored immediately, as the outage can affect your entire business. If you were not able to talk to your clients, suppliers or employees for hours or even days due to an unforeseen disaster, fire, flood, explosion,terrorist incident or theft, this could seriously impact sales and affect customer confidence and relations.

Just think how much business you could be losing merely as a result of not having implemented an efficient Business Telecoms Continuity strategy.

Global Telecom 999 can provide you with the backup you need for the telecommunications of your company to enable your business to function effectively in the event of a disaster or a communications outage.

Summary of Services

Here is a summary of the services we offer to minimize loss of business in the case of a disaster:

  • Immediate call divert of inbound calls to a new location
  • A standby backup of your telephone system
  • Emergency notification by Phone, SMS and Email to your staff and clients
  • Voicebank service – a phone noticeboard to keep staff and clients informed

Many organisation forget about the most important service communications.