Consultancy for free

A free consultancy service is available for corporate customers large or small. As an independent company with partner agreements with some of the largest telecom carriers in the UK we act total independent and are able to consider each carrier’s services and benefits and then select the right one for your business.

We will look at your communications as a whole whether it be incoming, outgoing calls, number translation services, mobiles requirements, call centre services, ISDN or ADSL lines. Our objective will be to reduce your costs and ensure a better service than you currently have. Many of our current customer have benefited from the detailed analysis reports we provide and it is all free of charge. Our success is built upon our independent advice and customer satisfaction.

The telecom industry changes so quickly. Therefore it can be very difficult to keep up with the improvements and price reductions and the service you agreed to 6 months ago may be less expensive or improved. To book a initial telephone call from our consultants please complete the Enquiry form or call the freephone number and give us your details.