Area Call Numbers

Increase your local presence


Area call is a service that allows you to advertise a specific local landline number and then have that number directed to any another UK landline number anywhere in the country or direct to a mobile phone.

For example you can advertise in a London paper your allocated 0207 number and divert that number to your office in Scotland. The reader of the paper will get the impression that they are calling London but in fact call your office in Scotland .

This helps you show a local presence in any area that you don have premises, and provides a local ‘feel’ to the advertisement and will generate more calls to your office as the callers believe they are calling local company.

The service can be set up free of charge within 3 days and you will be charged 2.2p per minute for each call that is diverted to your land line number. There is a £5 monthly rental.

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