International 0800 Numbers

We offer two types of international 0800 free call numbers, they are:

International FreeCell

 International FreeCell numbers enables callers overseas to dial a local toll-free number and be connected to one of your sites in the UK. The call is routed via an international gateway to our Intelligent Network for onward delivery to your answering centre. The caller pays nothing and need not know the call is being answered in the UK. International FreeCell allows you to give the impression to callers of having a presence in several countries, when in fact your offices are located only in the UK and all calls are answered in the UK. A different number will be needed for each country


Universal Free Call

 Universal Free Call enables you to promote a single toll-free number in many countries, which, like an International Free Call number, is routed to our Intelligent Network and onward to your answering centre in the UK. You can also receive calls that originate from within the UK on your Universal Free Call number. Universal Free Call can also be used as an outbound service, enabling callers in the UK to dial a number that connects them to one of your sites overseas. As with International Free Call, the caller pays nothing and need not be aware that the call is being answered in another country. You can have up to nineteen countries using the same universal free call number.

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