Area Call Numbers

Find out about Global Telecom’s fantastic service that allows you to advertise a specific local landline number and then have that number directed to any another UK landline number anywhere in the country.


Network Call Recording from Global Telecom

Any company can benefit from Global Telecom’s network call recording, whether for quality monitoring, keeping records of customer telephone calls or for compliance purposes.

Why Use 0800 Numbers?

More and more companies are now using 0800 numbers. Find out how your company can benefit from an 0800 number from Global Telecom.


International 0800 Numbers

The world is truly getting smaller and telecommunications is one of the principal reasons for this. The majority of companies have connections abroad, or links with other countries, and are attracting more and more international customers.


Chosen Number Fees

Nowadays many companies opt for a Non-Geographic Number (NGN) to advertise their business, such as an 0800 or 0845 number. The main reason, of course, being that an NGN can give a company a much bigger business presence, and also provide benefits for both customers and the business…


IVR Services

We are proud to present is our IVR Service, which stands for Interactive Voice Response Service


New Rulings for 0870 Services

Ofcom have recently announced that following a strategic review, there are going to be significant changes to 0870 services


Global Telecom releases new 0844 number range!

Find out the latest information on the 0844 numbers.


How to reduce your BT phone bill

Find out how you can save money instantly on your BT Phone including line rental, local calls, international calls and calls to mobiles